Muley Facts

What do mule deer eat?

Mule deer are primarily browsers, with a majority of their diet comprised of weeds and browse for leaves and twigs of woody shrubs. mesquite beans, janusia, cliffrose, sagebrush, juniper, coffeeberry and cacti fruit.

Average Number of Young?


Breeding Period:

November - January

What range do mule deer inhabit:

They live typically between 25-50 sq. miles

Live Weight:

Males 180-280lbs.

Do mule deer have good vision?

They have less accurate daytime and color vision than humans but better nighttime vision they also have 310 degree vision as there eyes are located on the sides of there heads.

What do mule deer do when they are alarmed?

Mule deer actually bounce away, in a motion called “stotting”. They do not escape as fast as whitetail, but they are more effective in moving thru rugged terrain. Mule deer are more likely to stop and look back at a source of potential danger.