How it Works

The areas you will be hunting are famous for producing extremely wide, dark horned bucks that have regularly made the record books found in the Sonoran Mexico Desert. Your guides will be some of the best in the country, openings will be limited and once you have submitted your “Book an Adventure Request” you will receive a confirmation to be added to an E-mail that will go out to all applicants.  Hunting slots will be filled on a first come first served bases. Deposits will be collected on the day you call in to book your hunt. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have.

  • Once you have been booked, it is important that you purchase your plane tickets ASAP so as to get the best rates possible. Attention: Hunters that are flying in from the United States MUST fly through Phoenix Arizona and directly to Hermosillo Sonora, you will encounter problems if you have a layover at another city in Mexico especially Mexico City.
  • Cazadores Unlimited will e-mail you the form to process your gun permit in Mexico, please double check your serial number and make sure your name matches the exact spelling on your passport. The Mexican military are the department that issue the gun permits. You will be sent a copy of your paperwork in case any US airline requires it. The originals will be at the airport when you arrive.
  • When your plane lands in Hermosillo you will be checked through customs where you will pick up your suitcases and weapons. If you are bringing a rifle you will need to present it to the customs agent located to the left  of the baggage pick up area. C.U. will have given customs your gun permits. Give them your name and they will find your permit in a Manila envelope. They will ask you to open the gun case and they will hand the firearm over to military personnel, they will read out the serial number and make of your weapon, once verified that everything matches, they will return your weapon to it’s case and give you the original permits. Secure them in your gun case/with your gun as they are your only proof of legal transportation of your weapons while in Mexico and they will be required upon leaving the country.
  • Once you exit the customs area past the glass doors, a host of C.U. will be outside with your name on a board, please approach him/her and introduce yourself. Most likely there will be other hunters on your flight, once everyone is together you will have your luggage taken to one of several vehicles ,please be sure your permits are in your case or in your possession. Once on your way please advise your host if you need any toiletries or would like to purchase alcohol. There is a Walmart a few miles from the airport, although you cannot pay with U.S. currency , credit cards are accepted and there is also an ATM machine inside where you can withdraw cash in pesos.
  • You will then be taken to the ranch where you will get settled and introduced later that day to your driver, guide and cook for your entire stay.
  • Ranch houses are Mexican style, that will be clean and have, running water, toilets ,beds, electricity. Cellphone signal is limited in some areas but it may be possible to connect to the internet depending on your carrier and individual plan. The ranch staff are friendly and helpful.
  • Depending on your location your hunt can comprise a combination of glassing from higher elevations , spot and stalks and hunting from High Racks. The latter is most used when hunting for Mule deer as visibility will be enhanced with the high racks in the Sonoran terrain, but you can discuss your preferences with your guide as the hunt progresses. If you are pursuing a Coues deer the preferred method will be spot and stalk.
  • Once you have taken your trophy, your guide will tag your animal and (if circumstances allow) help you setup for some memorable pictures of your adventure nestled among the beautiful Sonoran desert . They will then process and cape your trophy back at the Ranch House.
  • After your hunt you will be returned to the airport and your host will take care of all return paperwork for your trophies.